Finance and Account Management

Finance and accounting are central tasks that are universal to all companies. Every business must comply with proper accounting principles and meet certain legal requirements, while at the same time ensuring the cash flow and profits needed to sustain their business. With our many years of experience in all areas of finance and accounting, you can count on us for expert advice.

Our services at a glance:

  • Setting up and developing a reliable accounting system
  • Financial Planning
  • Analysis and optimization of debt collection processes
  • Cost and performance analysis
  • Internal and external reporting procedures
  • Efficiency reviews and optimization of processes

The Profit Enhancement Program

The PEP is a unique process by which AAG-INC brings new systems, controls and procedures which, once implemented, will allow the business to master the transition from being people dependent to system dependent. Moving away from reliance on unique individual skill sets to a cohesive strategy of training and development allows management to empower the employees as a whole to optimize their day to day performance within the objectives and goals of the organization. This is the first step if the business is to achieve true success and wealth accumulation.


Having established the Problem Costs as identified In our patented analytics process, we (CEO & AAG-INC) select from an assortment of menu items which will correct the systemic problems within the business and optimize maximum return on Investment (ROI).

Our Business Management Coaches (BMC’s) work with the client to select the identified items which will produce specific results which encompass the project.

BMC’s Provide:

  1. The specific factors and breakdown of what is being implemented.
  2. The positive impact upon identified problem costs and how they relate to ownership, the business and/or the individual employee affected.
  3. Customized for the individual owner/employees, how the new methodologies will benefit them and enhance their work environment. This creates positive self expectancy, where the individual will understand how the changes will specifically benefit them. "What’s-In-It-For-Me!"

Then the real question becomes "how to get these Items implemented?"

Successful implementation requires the CEO/Owner to:

  • Commit to utilizing the new programs as they are designed
  • Hold the entire workforce accountable to perform as required

A detailed explanation will be provided from the top-down, so that there is a full awareness as to the benefits and expectations which will be placed on every employee.