Full Transparency (FAQ)

We are based on a set of core values, principles and a strict process of conducting business.

Being transparent doesn't just extend to our current clients, but to all those who are interested in who we are and what it is exactly we do.

Who we are?

  • We are a comprehensive and premier business coaching and management consulting firm

What is business coaching?

  • Business coaching has multiple definitions, ours is simply to guide using proven techniques through teamwork and hands on involvement until all goals are met from the top down.  Working with the client, more effective ways of running their business are implemented.

No, what exactly is business coaching?

  • Business coaching is a term used by consulting firms that provide leadership development while further improving the quality and competency of the owner's current skill sets.

What is management consulting?

  • Management consulting is a service that pulls back the veil on the structure, procedures, and systems in place within a business.  We work with management to fix, update and add critical pieces to increase opportunity for sustained success.

All this talk of success, how do you measure this "success"?

  • Success can be measured in many ways, what we deem as client success are maximized revenue, substantially increased bottom lines, and a way of running their business in a manner that gives them more freedom, more time with loved ones, and to enjoy their life NOT battle with work just to have one.

Who are your clients?

  • Our clients are any/all small to medium size businesses.  Period.  Every business ran today, world-wide, requires professional help to succeed.  Whether the business is valued at $100 billion or $100,000, has 30,000 employees or 3, and/or has been generating revenue for 30 years or 3 months.

Sounds great, but how does a single firm accomplish all this?

  • Simple - because we aren't driven by sales but by actual client success.  There are no distractions and no limits when money isn't a driving force.  Our owner, through decades of building our process by working directly with thousands of business owners,  was able to put this company together without the financial stressors that almost every business experiences in the first 1, 3, or even 15 years.  Having that opportunity and bringing in like-minded individuals with extensive business-related experience, the product of client/business success is an easy one to believe in.

Let me rephrase - how do you actually help clients through coaching and consulting?

  • We spend 1-2 days in interviews with the client.  Through a simple professional and personal interview process, we determine everything that could use improvement.  We analyze what was said and what wasn't and everything in between. Identifying issues, known or not,  sets our baseline and priority.  After our initial list is compiled we work with the client to go through each one that will have immediate impact on business performance to create better cash flow.  From there it's a matter of client determination and devotion to achieving success to complete the rest with us.  We never back down or cut engagements short with any client that shows that willingness.

Do you actually do the work for the client?

  • If we did, their success rate would be dependent on us to do that work indefinitely.  We are more interested in working with a client and helping shape their business and their business mindset.  This way, when the consultation is complete for whatever area the client needed assistance with, the client now fully understands and can perform those tasks with a greater knowledge and confidence.

Seems like this may take a long time.  How long are the consults?

  • Each client has different needs.  Each client has different issues.  Each client is completely unique.  We have clients that have had us with them for years.  Our goal is to work with the client to reach the success they set out to have when they started their entrepreneurial journey and then stay with them until they reach the success they weren't aware was possible.

Ok, so this can't be free.  What's the cost of "creating wealth, not income" for the small business owner these days?

  • Everything we do is client dependent.  Costs are related directly to what we deem as their return from our involvement.  The average return on investing with many of our services has a $$ ROI of 3 to 1.  Outside of the quantifiable dollar figure, the overall return on investment is considerably more.  Think of it like this - how do you put a monetary figure on less stress, more personal time due to less hours working tactically (without strategy or a plan), or even a good night's sleep? What about running a business where the chaos of that day is only less troublesome than the chaos of the next day - becomes a thing of the past?


If you have any other questions, please reach out to us.  We are here to help!