Our Guiding Principles

At Analytic Advisors Group, Inc., we have a long tradition of breaking new ground. A clear set of principles and corporate values have allowed us to readily adapt to changes in the market without sacrificing the quality or integrity of our work. Since our founding, this has been our recipe for success.

Our Primary Mission is "Identifying our clients' problems so that by working together WE can solve them!"

Analytic Advisors Group, Inc. is guided by these core principles:

  • Independence
    As consultants, we maintain independence from third parties, especially when decisions about suppliers or other vendors need to be made. Although our commitment is to the Client, it has to the absolute truth as we see it. We know that sometimes the truth is the hardest obstacle our clients have to be willing to face, and we ARE  willing to cross the bridge even when it is in the executive's chair.
  • Objectivity
    The advice we provide takes into account all opportunities and risks. Since we are a boutique firm, we are not driven by numbers but by the Commitment to MAXIMIZING our Client'S BENEFITS... We will never advise a client to enter a risk without seeing both ends of the equation.
  • Competence
    We only provide advice in areas in which we have proven expertise. Where ever necessary we are more than willing to bring in other experts where needed. Because of this attitude we are more than willing to work with other advisors the client may have.
  • Confidentiality
    We treat all of the knowledge and information gained during the consulting process with the utmost confidentiality.

Our many years of experience in managing various business functions are what makes us an expert at meeting your company's need

Jonathan Bailey

President of Analytic Advisors Group, Inc.


He founded Analytic Advisors Group Inc. after working as a Business Analyst  During his career he has personally examined thousands of clients with combined revenues exceeding $ 1,400,000,000!

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate planning and management
  • Crisis management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Min Mandatory Profit
  • Role of the CEO in Today's Small-Medium Sized Business
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Transitioning From a "Mom & Pop" to A Corporate Culture

Analytic Advisors Group, Inc. specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory due to a variety of issues but not limited to; cash flow, changes in corporate leadership or shifts in their established markets.

Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • A soon to be retired business owner who's greatest concern was to protect the assets he had already accumulated over a lifetime of work. In addition to protecting assets, he was pleased to see a decrease in the cost of liability insurance due to the reduction of risk.
  • A wholesale distributor who had maxed his line of credit and had effectively run out of money; in a few weeks saw a return to positive cash after we had restructured the business.
  • A small shipping company who had his line of credit reduced as well as another threatened because poor liquidity ratios. With good strategic financial planning, he was able to see his way out of the crisis and stabilize his business.
  • The client who had forgotten why he had started his business and no longer had the fire he had when he started it. He realized that the fun came back when he began to learn just what it means to know the "BUSINESS OF THE BUSINESS!".