How to Multitask With Efficiency

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How to Multitask With Efficiency

Multitask - Analytic Advisors Group, Inc.

If you’re struggling to keep your team on task, these tips that we found on Entrepreneur are for you.

How to Multitask With Efficiency

To keep a small team functioning at maximum efficiency, consider these five key principles.

1. Set expectations.

When you build your team, it’s important for new hires to understand that the job will require work outside their typical scope of expertise. Teams that thrive are aligned on the bigger mission and have a clear understanding of how additional responsibilities are tied to success.

2. Learn from others.

People are more willing to pay it forward than you realize. Find someone who has walked in your shoes, explain one problem you have, and see what their advice is. If you focus on a specific hurdle, you’re likely to receive a very specific answer.

3. Assign project managers.

Every aspect of your business should have a “keeper” — someone who keeps all the chess pieces from falling off the board. I assign a different keeper to client services and internal functions, with each maintaining a macro view of responsibilities. Lean on apps like Asana or Slack to create an extra layer of visibility in case anything breaks down.

4. Weekly check-ins.

At each of my businesses, we gather at the beginning and the end of the week. On Mondays, we run through each team member’s primary goals for the week during a 30-minute meeting. On Friday, we block out an hour and check in on those goals. That way, if goals weren’t met, we have time to discuss why and outline a solution.

5. Daily check-ins.

Meeting culture can be a problem, yes, but if you keep daily check-ins to just 15 minutes, they don’t feel like meetings. Instead, they’re quick conversations that are more about support and care than tactical solutions. When things are moving fast, it’s important to make sure your team is doing well and knows you have their back.

Remember, multitasking doesn’t have to mean inefficiency. But it requires transparency, planning, and backup systems. In the short term, it will improve the function of your business. In the long run, it will help identify where you need the most support as you continue to grow.

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